This verdict will surely bring relief to married men’s life

Sunanda Pushkar’s ghost haunting Tharoor

Once again Tejpal got bail

“Minority” still a tool for politics

Love knows no Jihad

GAIL gas pipeline explosion is an unexpected tragedy

Congress admits it has given loan to ailing AJPL

Supreme Court will be missing a judge of calibre

Save Mother Cow, Save the World

New equations in Maharashtra Politics- Sushil Kumar to be new CM

…then all illegal structures should be demolished

Modi’s new Politics over Hindi language

Why India didn’t extract their civilians on time?

United RSS and BJP Parivar needs more bonding

Modi’s ‘Taint-Free’ Parliament is possible?

TRP, limelight and publicity matters, not Rape or Molestation

Fight between militants and military to control Iraq

Where this Arab unrest take us?

Campa Cola is result of builder-officer nexus

Rudy was rude in Lok Sabha

Modi government’s plan to revive ‘Brand India’

Cyber cell- Most flopped initiative in India

FDI to save our soul?

Out of the box methods needed to bring in drastic change

Did social media change BJP’s fate?

Congress should review its glory

It’s better that girls are never born in India

Raj is not capable as a CM

Self-proclaimed bachelors Modi and Jaya to meet soon!

Is this injustice to “Telangana”?

Undergraduate Irani: Can she give good governance?

Criticism is dealt with Iron Hands. What next?

All the best, Modi Sarkar!

Will Modi swiftly tackle both neighbouring terrors?

Journalists should behave properly

“Raise a Conflict with the Law of the Land” – Arvind arrested

Shariff N(a)awaz to Modi’s invite

All we need is ‘real’ love. Isn’t it guys!

Modi’s cabinet of crorepatis

Again, AAP ki sarkar in Delhi?

Finally, Abki Baar Modi Sarkaar

Just married ND Tiwari

Mr. Modi, let’s see how much India change in your time

Well done Dr. Manmohan Singh, have a healthy and peaceful life ahead

Whom will AAP support?

Mother Ganga greets Modi ….

RIP Janardhan Reddy

Modi as PM: A disaster waiting to happen?

How many times Indians will be divided for political gains?

Why ‘Snoopgate’ probing now?

Era of buying media and building leaders

Security personnel and their sense of duty

“Unbiased” journalism can’t expire”

Thank you dear readers for making Afternoon a great Success We are the only parallel media in India

Modi versus Miss Mamata

Adani denies favours from Modi

Respect journalists’ views on social media

Reasons behind poor turnout

Unpredictable verdict for Mumbai

BJP’s Hate Vs Modi’s Development: A New challenge

Rahul V/s Modi at Congress bastion

How Pakistan will adjust so many Indians?

Modi’s wife has been deprived of her rights

More power to them and to the largest democracy

BJP’s love for Muslim votes

It’s elections of two ideologies: Secularism v/s communalism

Priyanka: The saviour of Congress

Making and unmaking of Manmohan Singh

Capital punishment for rape is absurd?

This boy’s treatment cost Rs 2 lakhs per week

Didi and Modi’s political attacks

Hailing woman power in politics!

Rahul needs to learn a lot

How can leaders forget personal tragedy and smile?

Will Modi deliver as expected?

Why Gandhi family is so dumb, especially young Turks?

Are Dalits and minorities just a “VOTE”?

Respect your body, avoid junk

Whosoever, a terrorist should be hanged

Pa(war) of words

Mayawati, the next PM?

Battle field ready for them

Nexus between Srinivasan, Meiyappan and Dhoni

Fights intensify; let’s see who makes to power

Kejriwal’s encounter with Varanasi

A new party emerging as BJP(I) Independent

Interesting election battle in Mumbai North-Central

Satpal Maharaj – Another rat of sinking ship?

BJP set to defeat Modi or Modi will take over BJP?

God knows who will win, Kashi’s sacredness or politics

Rahul promotes dynasty politics, Modi proved himself in politics

Julian Assange is not a saint & WikiLeaks has no authority

The battle between the two daughters

Why the government is playing a rule game?

AAP ka Arvind in Mumbai

All is not well in BJP

Media is in turmoil

RSS Killed Gandhi?

Loksabha Election 2014 – A new era in the history of India

Nitish Kumar is respectable and a mass leader

Modi versus Kejriwal on Gujarat field

What will happen in 2014 and further?

Coalition politics is a challenge

Commercial angle or compromising with ethics?

Why media is losing its credibility?

Caste based politics is in the root of India

Khurshid not fit as an External Affairs Minister

Why does Shinde need to crush Social Media?

Everything is fair in love, war and elections!

A for Adarsh, B for Bofors……but Modi forgets G for gas

Facebook Talks Live – irrelevant

Why is Anna Hazare dabbling in politics?

Andhra Pradesh died, Telangana Born

Sparing Rajeev Gandhi killers from the gallows

No policy, no paralysis – Interim Budget 2014

Is Modi ready to debate with Kejriwal?

Return back as Aam Aadmi, Kejriwal should work hard

Congress shows alarming ‘lack of skill’ in Telangana issue

Chai Pe Charcha with Modi

Meghna and Tanisha’s valentine gift to Modi and Rahul, respectively?

Tug of war between Kejriwal and others

North Easterns are very much Indian, please respect them

Let the parliament function

Hindu Terror Propaganda by Congress

Gujarat tiger ‘roars’ in Bengal

“Slum Free India” – Rajiv Awas Yojana

Dalits in India after Independence

Monorail costs much for little connectivity

What is Satyapal’s credibility?

Spare Kejriwal to do good work

Raj Thackeray, an anarchist must be jailed

Rahul Gandhi’s confidence in defeating BJP will work as tonic for Congress

Binny, the Black sheep

Rakhi Sawant possess better wisdom than Uddhav Thackeray

Does Bitcoin have a future?

Whom we should blame for spiritual prostitution?

Out of the box methods needed to bring in drastic change

Larger the banner, greater the hypocrisy- Part 2

Larger the banner, greater the hypocrisy- Part 1

Today’s Media: More gimmicks, less news

Perhaps, Rahul is Congress’ last trump card

AAP Ka Sting – #Conspiracy Vs ConGspiracy

Mastermind of “sting” stung by his Karma

Shah, Sharma, ‘Saheb’ and #Spygate

Tribute to the first woman Prime Minister of India- Indira Gandhi

Blame game has gone too long without constructive output

Politicians started keeping their words?

Weak Black Rupee

Congress should leave gracefully

Sonia on Modi-fication, good looks and foreign terror

Will BMC dare to remove slums?

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